Results of August Scramble at RiverWilds

Thanks to those that played in our 1st scramble of 2020 last month at RiverWilds ( thanks covid ). The golf day was tolerable during a Nebraska warm spell, but it was too windy for me… We capped the group to 9-teams, Here are the results:
Flag prizes: Hole-1 Closest 2nd shot Ladies (Sue Moskovits), Hole-2 Longest Putt (Kevin Wills), Hole-3 Longest Drive Senior Tees (Gordon Harting), Hole-4 Closest Tee shot (Ollie Pierce), Hole-5 Closest 2nd shot Men (Gene Hug), Hole-6 Closest 3rd shot (Glen Schwanz), Hole-7 Closest Tee shot Ladies (Saima Rahmanzai), Hole-8 Closest 2nd shot (Joyce Stoural), Hole-9 Longest Putt Ladies (Bobbie Greenspan), Hole-10 Closest 2nd shot (Candi Coe), Hole-11 Longest Drive Men (Steve Griffin), Hole-12 Closest 3rd shot (Joyce Stoural), Hole-13 Closest 3rd shot (Nancy Gilliland), Hole-14 Closest Tee shot Men (Brad Coe), Hole-15 Longest Putt Men (Bob Klich), Hole-16 Closest 2nd shot (Zach McIntyre), Hole-17 Closest Tee shot-White Tee (Mike Richards) and Hole-18 Closest 2nd shot Senior Men (Jimmy Graves).
Flight Prizes: Based on total score.
First Place / First Flight: Saima Rahmanzai, Mike Richards, Nancy Gilliland & Steve Heinz (63)Second Place / First Flight: Brad & Candi Coe, Glen Schwanz and Dee Bigge (66)
First Place / Second Flight: Dan & Karen Murray, Bob Klich & Kandice Rasmussen (73)Second Place / Second Flight: Jeff Kurtz, Hazel Arnott, Sue Moskovits & Deaun Trayer (74)
It was good to do another scramble again, good to see some familiar faces. Sweater Day is on September 27th at Tara Hills (Noon)